Independent Work

Creation Time: Aug. 2012

This short animation tries to address the problem of growing isolation and mutual estrangement between urban individuals who have got accustomed to living in their fixed life circles. Under its superficial prosperity, the bustling city, in my eyes, is more like a lonely forest constituting of steel and concrete. 

Grey is the dominate hue of the film which, from a bird’s view, overlooks the urban loneliness and the indifference and aloofness of city dwellers: the urban architecture complex in fog is just like the forest wrapped in mist. The only colorful image in the animation is the bird’s bright feathers, a symbol of the survived energy and hope.

With the urban forestry as background, all the architecture images came from 1980s’photos, endowing the film with classical sense. The flying bird image is based on a 3D model and modified by UV effect so as to convey the information that the colorful feathers, distinct from the gloomy urban darkness, stimulate people to pursue freedom and hopes.  

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