Pic note is a diary App aimed to help users deal with and arrange all kinds of information recorded during their travelling journeys, and ultimately present them through a visualized form. Through Pic-Note, users are able to record and share their trips and life. 

sketch architecture is the core of a product, and it draws the operation procedures of users, which facilitates the planning and design of the product process. All based on user experiences, the Goal Directed Design proposal of Alan Cooper enables users to enjoy a comfortable and reasonable product.  

Pic-Note is a diary program based on maps, and the target users are the young group that likes to travel and record their lives. 
They are full of the spirit of adventure, vigor and vitality, they love life, and they are willing to share the details of their lives. 

Judging from the large market analysis of the existing APP, the first Features large and comprehensive is not successful. It's recommended to do fine,doing a feature, the accumulation of training up a quantitative user base in the expension of other features. In preferences, the same hobby-oriented SNS Dating the way, this is the direction of development of the SNS-- The characteristic of common interest oriented, fast speed accumulation of user, increase the stickiness of users.

Wireframe is a convenient approach to express ordinary page structure and page contents. The user experience form can be drawn on the wireframe in design to facilitate the design of program procedures, making the information organization of the product and the guiding system naturally presented and highlighted. All these share one aim, which is granting users a comfortable operation. 

Users can record a trip, starting with any location or spot selected on the map. When users select a location on the map, there will appear a round-shape menu. Users can select the information type will be recorded, according to the icons, including pictures, words, audio recording, video and music.


After labeling the selected geographic location, the program will start to record the basic information of a journey for sorting and collection, such as start point, destination, time period, participants and so on.

The main color of this application is bright with a clean surface. We hope that users are able to gain very interesting interactive experiences while enjoy the fashion visual experiences. 

Users need to register the first time they log in and connect it with relative social website accounts for share about diaries. The first page will display the location labels marked by users on the map. When users slide the mobile phone screen to right, a column would appear with personal information management, such as users’ email, friends, invitation, information posted and connected account. 

Pic-Note will automatically match your location, time of day, current weather condition and no need to search the city. Detailed weather information is exhibited by both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature.


Pic-Note will build the most unique tasks for you, and its interface is very cool and with distinguished designs. 





Every journey is accord with a location label, on which recorded the location and time of the journey, and the type of information. Users can click the icons of the location labels and display the corresponding information. 





where user control freely the screen time and play speed. Normal play, 2X speed, input specific time period, and retrieve the name of the journey.






After users connect it with the accounts of other websites, they can manage the accounts on the sharing surface, and share the contents through a single button. Through the edition of their own dairy planet, users could share a single picture, video output or a Gif animation. The system will remind users of the massages, and ratings from friends to promote interaction between friends. 





On the friends list, users can search for a good friend according to their name and visit his or her homepage, checking the open dairy planet, leaving a message and giving evaluations. Users can also mark out special friends, and their name will always be appeared on the top of the list.
At the same time, users can add a new friend through searching a location or name on this surface.







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Creation Time: Jun. 2013

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