System uses the Web Socket communication protocol technology, WebRTC technology, to build HTML5-based real-time,  cross-platform interactive web applications remotely.

Innoteam is a service module that help start-up team to improve work efficiency, optimize the design process experience. Mainly consist of Series hardware and telecommunications systems in Co-Working space. Emphasize the immediacy of experience working environment and the controllability of the design process. System uses the Web Socket communication protocol technology WebRTC

technology, to build HTML5-based real-time, people involved, cross-platform interactive web applications remotely, collaborative 3D printing API protocol, project management software, and other equipment for the start-up team members try different scenarios when offsite work together to provide efficient services, promoting a healthy, green lifestyle work.

Possibilities  brought  about  technological development


Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) - and also the pervasive computing research and practice, has provided the cooperative work-related field development with theory, method and technical support. 

At the same time, the rapid development of the Internet, has promoted not only research on CSCW itself, but also on development of related online working applications, especially the cooperative learning system development under the Web environment.



INNO-1 is a remote conference terminal that integrates HD camera and mini projector, and in addition to remote video, it has also provided intuitive sketch communication and health message functions.

Designers often suffer from working in different localities and therefore can't communicate with each other in paper sketches, INNO-1 can enable sharing of work space of both parties, where designers can communicate their concepts and ideas more intuitively. 



Innovation changes the way we work


In his TED speech entitled “Why Don’t Work in the Office”, Jason Fried shares a question: "when you really want to do a job at hand effectively and well, where you would choose to complete it?" 

Is the existing “office” concept that puts all employees together in the form of a cubicle and by way of 


Project information visualization module Content Display provides team managers and members with efficient, intuitive and operative service management operation system. Team members can understand in time the current working conditions of members of their own project team, and content of the responsible project. 


Break the traditional working mode, make the whole project process transparent, arouse the project sense of responsibility and enthusiasm of members of the whole team, and jointly maintain progress of the whole project. 


Silence Desk is a personal work space, a private space with relative freedom, where it is much easier to stipulate inspiration and create efficiency. Combined with the INNO-1, designers can see the work area of the other and complete together the design work.


Debate Desk is the extension of Touch Cloud and Silence Desk, suitable for meeting of small number of people or individual work, at the same time INNO-2 robot can get involved in the meeting from a third person perspective.



A private space with relative freedom, where it is much easier to stipulate inspiration and create efficiency. 



punching card really suitable for us humans to bring our creativity and productivity into play? We have now seen another kind of extremely future-oriented solution: Co-Working Space, i.e., collaborative workspace. The highest spirit of collaborative workspace: create za space that promotes communication, and stimulates creativity and inspiration.



3D printing can quickly build product prototype for the team, and save manufacturing cost. Through remote control and printing of 3D prototype, it saves times for teams in different time zones, with efficient iterative, and at the same time maximize resources sharing.


Cloud is the information gathering center of Innoteam, and it also provides team members with multi-people cloud, i.e., instant communication services. Cloud combines with Inno-1, and through functions, such as video conference, remote whiteboard, and shared content of post-it notes and other functions, let team members who are in different spaces create and communicate together in the same space.


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