4-people Collective Work

Responsible Part: processing programming, Arduino Programming, FRID sensor linkage and production of show films

Creation Time: Aug 2013

As a visual interactive information display project, Innozone aims at helping users achieve their expectations of new self-positioning. Via searching and collecting information from the Internet, Innozone re-classifies the information from user-friendly perspective and displays all the information visually. 

Users can obtain individualized activity area recommendations by choosing relevant character labels according to their own expectations. There are various customized activities, such as lectures, exhibitions and salons, enable users to enjoy ideas exchanges so as to achieve their self-improvement and self-positioning transformation.

We designed a questionnaire consisting of four sections: Design capability, Commercial capability, Communication skills and Programming ability. This questionnaire aims to investigate the detailed qualities required by a team so as to help more team-founders to build their teams by specifying the requirements and working style of a particular team. 

The distribution of creative industrial park in Beijin is relatively scattered, this situation lacks sufficient information communication, and can not play a greater energy aggregation.

Eight labels are provided for users. By choosing different labels in sensing zone, users can view different activity information and activity areas
On the secondary interface, by waving their right hands leftwards or rightwards, users can choose particular zones; by waving their left hands leftwards or rightwards, users can check the information of ongoing activities; by holding their right hands in air, users can view the locations of all the activities associated with labels.

Based on the average height of Beijing inhabitants published on website, we design the screen size which is favorable to users to operate. There are three parts involved on the secondary interface: the time axis on the top; detailed activity information on the left side; activity location on the right side.

Invited by CMoDA, INNOZONE made a one-month display at Smart City International Design Exhibition during Beijing Design Week and our project has been interviewed and reported by CCTV4 International Channel. 

The model whose size was designed in MAYA according to that of the display hall and the final project was revised twice. After discussions and comparisons about venue size and light effects, we chose Rear Projector to project the screen and arranged all the equipment including the console desk, Kinect, Arduino and RFID. The whole display, reaching a simple and concise effect, was settled within three days.

During our display period, we have received a great number of feedbacks and suggestions which enabled us to find out the aspects worth improvement. All the advice will help us to construct an official website of INNOZONE which will popularize our belief to more people and serve as a shortcut for pioneers who are working on building their career teams and looking for their career partners.

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