BRIEF :

This project shown here is a 4-week Inquiry called New Car Experiences. We were asked to investigate new situations, capabilities, and design opportunities of 10+ years into the future when vehicles equipped with more advanced sensing and computation abilities, when new technologies will redefine our driving experience. 

Nov 2014 | 4 weeks

Individual Project

Softwares | Video made with Pr and Ai 

Special thanks | Margo Dunlap, Nanhung Tsai and Shan Shen


           TRIP :

 Los Angeles                            Santa Clara

Art Center    -------->      Intel Museum



Jaguar XJ & Range Rover

We were challenged to look deeper in order to develop a project that has tangible design ideas and broader implications.

We were asked to contemplate nascent technologies, determine their character, and hypothesize how their uptake could give rise to new kinds of social situations and interactions amongst people (drivers, passengers, pedestrians, etc.) vehicles, devices, buildings, and so on.


After talking with experts, we were challenged to use our design abilities to extrapolate from know starting points, to envision new kinds of journeys, ones with instances of novelty, delight, drama, or tension- New Car Experiences.





     MEAN TO US ?









How this system convey smartness, safety, and earn our trust?

Do different vehicle brands exhibit different styles of driving and different personalities?


Is this system polite or pushy? Do they interject at will, or only respond when called upon?

Would system packages be tailored to lifestyles, hobbies, activities, or religions?



              AN INTELLIGENT

            VOICE SERVICE  :

As a car intelligent voice system, Cartner redefines the emotional relation between the diver and his car. The driver can “talk with” his car via auditory sense, getting a much richer driving experience. 




            DESIGN  :

We design 20 different Cartner roles. They not only have diversified voices and identities, but also have various characters. Users can choose different Cartner roles according to their own emotional needs.

As an intelligent system, Cartner can memorize the language and driving habits of the user. By learning from the accumulated data, she can get a good knowledge of the driver and even establish new responses to the drivers’ new habits, so she can communicate with the driver better.

Once you own Cartner, you will no longer be confused by the complicated icons and figures on the dashboard. She will analyze the real-time functioning of each component of the car and then talk to you if necessary, so as to ensure you can receive all the important information. 

Driving on the way, you can get the traffic data received by Cartner from the cloud-end. Meanwhile, she can help you plan the driving route based on traffic condition and your driving habits.

Cartner is always accompanying you: no matter you are alone, or surrounded by friends, no matter you are busy with work, or engaged in crazy weekend, no matter in the day or at night.



What you own is not a car, but a companion, a friend, a family. 

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