Independent Work

Creation Time: Spiring 2015

"The Kite", a short film, tells about a handicapped boy who is unable to walk, living in adversity like a kite, but still makes unremitting efforts, and finally flies his own dream like a flying kite. No one is perfect, everyone has

its own defects, and through this short film, we hope that people will think that, in our real life, whether we can face squarely our own defects, muster our courage, and forge ahead amidst the reverse flow.

After confirming the animation script, the words sub-lens and dynamic sub-lens are produced strictly according to the creation procedures, which will be greatly helpful to the controlling of creation process and production costs. 


In the form of 2D and 3D combined animation, this short film shows the mental and emotional changes of the boy. Through the whole film, this kind of alternation in form is both harmonious and rich in rhythm, and brings the audience with a un-

ique audio-visual enjoyment. This kind of combination is out of script requirements to the short film, which varies according to changes of the two kinds of artistic conception, namely, reality and illusion, thereby achieving unity of style. 


I have made several attempts in styles and plans to achieve a consistence among scenes, stories and character personality. Finally I found the ideal hues and colors which brought the film with dense


yet fresh traditional Chinese features. 
The shift between a blue-dominate 2D scene into a white-dominate 3D scene is harmonious and natural.

To narrate short film in this way, there are certain challenges. In the production stage, I overcome a lot of picture and technical difficulties, thereby breaking the p-


ast situation where 2D and 3D animations were mutually independent, and let the picture describe smoothly my inner story instead of language.


At the same time, this short film is also a very good attempt of paper rendering 3D animation, applying one kind of material to represent multiple frames, just like black-and-white films of the early period, and (I came to realize that) singularity is both a challenge and a kind of extremity of symbol amplification. Paper, kite, and the


simple dream of a boy - three of them fused together in the white world, fragile yet strong. 3D paper animation poses very strict requirement for materials and light, and so I used multiple workstations to separate the rendering images, and finally I chose the best scheme to present to the audience.



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