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Responsible part: mb3d iterative formula

3D fractal model rendering, short film production

Creation Time: Dec. 2012

Bindin: Midwifery hormones

                 Norepinephrine: activate C small artery contraction, elevate the blood pressure

                 Adrenaline: increase the cardiac output, relax the smooth muscle of the respiratory tract and the 

                                      digestive tract, ready for his first breath 


Dopamine: activate glands 


Gastric Secrete Element: promote the pylorus enclosed muscle relaxation, activate the digestive system     


Motilin: enable gastrointestinal peristalsis, empty the digestive tract, ready to eat for the first time                                        

                 Mineralocorticoid [aldosterone]: promote renal tubular absorption, balance the body moisture

                 Glucocorticoid [cortisol]: elevate blood sugar, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxicity


Tertraiodothyronine: absorb sugar, decompose adipose, balance body temperature  


Tri-iodothyronine: improve the nervous system excitability


Growth hormone: synthesize protein, osteogenesis growth   


Acetylcholine: regulate growth, promote the memory and cognition 

Abbreviations           Amplitude

Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research:



                        Heart Rate: 120 ~ 150 times per minute

                        Blood pressure: [systolic pressure] 6.7~8.0 kpa (50~60 MMHG) 

                                                   [diastolic pressure] 4.0~5.3 kpa (30~40 MMHG)

                        Breathing: 40~50 times per minute

                        Temperature: 36.0~75

In the umbilical cord blood of the newborn, there are 12 groups of numerical values of the hormone levels, including (bindin, cortisol, dopamine, etc.)


Each hormone level is very important to the newborn, and these data will be different based on the birth conditions and gene sequences, and will also

have a profound impact on the subsequent long life process.

In fact, Art and mathematics use company's language to tell us the beauty in our life. We bring the 12 numeric values into the Mandelbulb3D fractal iteration formula. Import the data of the newborn, and generate its unique art sculpture, and then use 3D printing to transform it into a physical reality as his or her first symbol of life memory.

Reality Possibilities

Variables and constant of algorithm and the formula


Constant:       neurotransmitter and hormone levels

Variables:       heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, body temperature


After several times of iterations, the initial chaos has through feedback gradually formed order and spontaneously emerge unpredictable life picture.

This graph generates the hormone

levels used by the newborn(g /ml )

This graph generates the hormone

levels used by the newborn(g /ml )

This graph generates the hormone

levels used by the newborn(g /ml )

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